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Character Name: Anthony "Tony" Edward Stark
Canon: Marvel Cinematic Universe
Canon Point: End of Antman
Type: Canon character
Age: 45 birthdays so far

History/Key Points:
- May 29, 1970 to Howard and Maria Stark (Nee Carbonell) became the parents to Anthony Edward Stark in Long Island, New York.

- 1974 Tony created his first working circuit board at 4

- 1976 Tony built his first working engine at 6

- 1985 Tony entered M.I.T as the youngest enrolling student at 15
- Tony builds both DUM-E and U while in school

- 1987 Maria and Howard Stark die in a car accident. Later to be revealed to be a plot by HYDRA (It’s unclear that Tony knows this in canon.) Tony also graduates from M.I.T at the top of his class.

- 1991 At 21 Tony is old enough to fill the requirements for him to take over the position of C.E.O from his father’s business partner, Obadiah Stane. Who is also the closest thing Tony has had to a real father figure.

- 1992 – 2008 Tony builds the company from a milti-million-dollar company into a multi-billion-dollar industry. Stark Industries is a diverse company from weapons manufacturing to biodiversity. Creating advances in medicine, developing ‘Intelli-crops’ that yield high results from poor growth areas, scientific equipment, and electronic devices.

- 1999 At a New Year party/lecture in Bern, Switzerland, Tony meets bioengineer Maya Hansen, and up and coming C.E.O and founder of Advanced Idea Mechanics, Aldrich Killian. He ‘spent the night’ with Mia, and blew Killian off after his excited want to meet both Tony and Maya.

- 2009 (When Iron Man takes place) A major year in Tony’s life. At first it was no different to any other year until he goes to Afghanistan to demonstrate one of his new weapons.
- After the display his convoy is attack and while trying to scramble to safety one of his own missiles blows up next to him, embedding shrapnel into his chest and rendering him unconscious, where he is captured by the 10 rings and has a ransom set to his name, threatening death if he is not delivered. Not that the ransom matters much as they have their own plans to torture and attempt to intimidate him into making his weapons for him.
- While in captivity he meets a man named Yinsen, who helped him create a miniature version of the Arc reactor his father designed to put into his chest to run the electro magnet Yinsen installed in him while unconscious
- Tony ‘agreed’ to build weapons for the 10 Rings, but instead he and Yinsen instead built an armoured suit in order to get them both out of captivity.
-Yinsen gave up his life to give Tony more time to get the suit ready, telling him to make something of his life that he can be proud of.
- On returning home Tony starts building a new suit with better specs than the slapped together model he built in a cave, and after testing and the creation of a third suit, he goes to Gulmria where hostages are being held, which was also Yinsen’s home and takes out the insurgents and their weapons.
- After finding out Obidiah built his own armoured suit using the scraps from Tony’s first suit as a base line, Tony gets to fighting Stane, killing him in the process. After announcing to the world that he is indeed Iron Man he continues to be Iron Man, taking our terrorist cells, paying attention to those who have his weapons.
-Nicholas Fury, Director of S.H.E.I.L.D informs Tony that he has a program called the Avengers Initiative that he’d like Tony to be in on. Tony rejects the offer, but is still easily talked into going to meet with General Ross as the military has plans to

- 2010 (When Iron Man 2 takes place.) Tony opens a yearlong expo creatively titled “Stark Expo”.
- It becomes clear to Tony that due to prolonged use of his Iron Man armour is causing the palladium within his arc reactor to poison him at a much faster speed than he had anticipated. While he does try hard to find a replacement for palladium, he starts to become more erratic than usual having (Even for him) more outlandish parties, buying and selling things on a whim and slowly pushes his only friends away because he feels this will protect them from his fast approaching death.
-While attending a summons to court, the senate demands Tony hand over the armour, Tony turns them down without a thought smugly demanding they should be thanking him for all the lives he’s saved in that armour. He also manages to make a fool out of Justin Hammer (It’s not hard).
- Ivan Vanko sees the senate hearing on C-Span and after his father dies, makes his own version of the arc reactor, weaponizing it himself and attempts to kill Tony in Monaco during the Grand Prix which has entered himself into (Tony’s in the race, not Vanko).
- He meets Natasha Romanoff for the first time who’s under the fake name of Natalie Rushman. He learns her identity and profession soon enough after hiring her as his assistant, after making Pepper his C.E.O.
- During an out of control party, Rhodie takes Tony’s Mk. II armour and fights him in it. When the fight comes out pretty much on his side he takes off with the armour, which the air force then has Justin Hammer outfit with weapons.
-When things are starting to look super dire, Nicholas Fury, Director of S.H.E.I.L.D comes onto the scene giving him a box of Howard’s things assuring him he’ll find the answer in there. Phil Coulson is mostly on the scene to make sure Tony sees his self-help through however gets pulled out to go to New Mexico to deal with another problem *cough*Thor*cough*. Tony manages to give form to the element his father discovered all those years ago and uses it to power his arc reactor.
- In attempt to outdo Tony and make him look bad, Hammer break Vanko out of jail. Thinking that a mutual dislike of Tony stark means that he can use Vanko to create autonomous armour for the various military branches. However, Vanko has remote control of the armour and uses them to hunt down Tony at the expo.
-Vanko dies, and Hammer gets sentenced to prison. Romanoff asses that Iron Man is fit for the Avengers Initiative, however Tony is too unreliable for the team.

- 2011 (Avengers) Coulson comes to Tony while he’s celebrating the fact he’s almost finished with the build of Stark Tower in New York with Pepper. To inform him things aren’t going smooth right now and that he will be needed for the team. Tony mouths him off, but realizes how things are going right now and does indeed help. Meeting with Steve Rogers, and Natasha Romanoff in Germany to assist in Loki’s capture.
- Tony and Thor have a large smack down that Captain America breaks up because they have things to do more important than slapping each other around a German forest.
- Once all on the hellicarrier, due to the influence of the scepter Loki had in his possession the beginnings of the Avengers broke into a fight that Loki was able to take advantage of through Clint Barton the end result lead to the Avengers all somewhat temporarily splitting up.
- After all is said and done, and Loki unleashes an alien horde to come to earth to destroy its contents all because Thor likes Earth, so Loki must burn the Earth??? The Avengers come together fight the good fight and take down Loki and the Chitauri alien race. In part of them being a hive mind, which they only discovered due to Tony catching a nuke launched to take out Manhattan and instead sends it through the black hole to wipe out the mother ship.

- 2013 (Iron Man 3) Killian, whom Tony snubbed all those years ago comes back into the picture to woo Pepper into having Stark Industries help fund his Extremsis program which is headed by Maya Hansen.
- Tony admits that he rarely sleeps now because he gets terrible nightmares about the events of the Avengers, specifically going through the black hole and coming back out again. So instead of sleep he has been making suits. By this time, he’s working out the kinks in the Mk 43.
- A Mandarin attack on Grumman’s Chinese Theatre put Tony’s driver Happy into a coma and causes Tony to go on a revenge mission to right the wrong that happened. In pining down what he can about these attacks his mansion in Malibu is attacked nearly killing him and Pepper in the process. Due to a previous flight log set up the armour takes him to Tennessee.
- While there Tony meets a kid called Harley who tries to help him in his search, the kid is vaguely helpful to him, however he is denied by Tony to come with him on the rest of the mission. Because well it’d be too dangerous and Tony likes to pretend he doesn’t form bonds with people.
-Tony finds out that the man who has been calling himself the Mandarin is just a drug addict stage actor from Croydon, England. And that the real mastermind was Killian, who has managed to kidnap Pepper, inject her with the Extremsis serum and plans to keep her as a trophy after he defeats Iron Man.
- He doesn’t defeat Iron Man, but quite the other way around, well to start with then Pepper finally kills him with her new Extremsis abilities. During the final battle Tony enlists the help of not only Rhodie but all his previous model Iron Man armour with their varied abilities to fight the Killian’s Extremsis Imbued soldiers. Once the “day was saved” Tony had J.A.R.V.I.S. enact the “Blank slate protocol” to destroy the remaining armour so Tony could start himself over.
- 2015 (Avengers: Age of Ultron)
- The Avengers have been searching for the Sceptre Loki had after Hydra took over SHIELD
- During the raid that finally gets them the sceptre, Wanda Mazimoff enhances Tony's fear that team will not be able to save the Earth from the next alien threat and that him and his less than worthiness will be the only one not to die.
- This prompts him to revive the Ultron program, which ultimately goes wrong.
- This leads to a demoralising fight that they lose and need to regroup, where once again Steve and Tony get into an argument due to their backgrounds an ideologies making it hard for them to see eye-to-eye when they're equally matched in stubborn.
- Like the last Avengers movie they save the day but Tony doesn't momentarily die this time.

Tony Stark is for lack of a better word, a Peacock when it comes to being in public. He makes a point of acting larger than life, with big grins and as much of a show as possible. He loves to present himself in tailored suits and beautifully groomed, he exudes charm, grace, and confidence to the point of obvious cockiness.

When he meets people he has a tendency to get into personal space as soon as possible, as a way to keep his control over the situation. He has a habit of keeping up a ‘magician’s act’ getting everyone to look at his right hand while the left one is doing something else. He’s also as stubborn as a mountain and hates to give way on something he doesn’t agree with, opting to openly defy those opposing him than give in and go with their demands.

He is the biggest promoter of his external persona of the ‘Genius billionaire playboy philanthropist’ and while all these things about him are true, he will always play up to it in public, that being said, however, he is loyal to those he considers to be his in various way, and is very protective of them in his own ways. When he was lead to believe that Agent Phil Coulson was dead, it was the moment that Tony had decided that Loki had taken it too far and had made it his mission to make sure that Loki didn’t get away with what he had done. Even going so far to tell Loki that not only had his made enemies of all those within the Avengers (While interestingly enough, leaving himself completely out of the equation), that he had also pissed off Phil Coulson.

With the events of IM3 behind him. Tony has wiped the slate clean, he has had his reactor and the remaining shrapnel removed from his body, which has left a scar on his chest that still receives Tony’s absent minded tapping, and has since started working on new Iron Man suits that work with their own chest pieces. He has also realized how his previously arrogant ways have managed to effect those that he has previously disregarded in his life, which has further humbled his personality when out of the limelight.

Tony is a man of many complexities that at times almost seem at odds with each other. He claims to not be sentimental, however the three robots in his movies were built while he was in college and he has always kept them with him. He is impulsive and vain, yet can muster a great deal of foresight and strategy, and is really not afraid to get his hands dirty. Not only that, but as someone who is seen by the world as a play boy, he has a deep sense of romance within himself that few get to see.

Tony Stark is a quick-witted genius, who near compulsively talks over other people in order to justify his own thoughts. While he is also able to come off as rather unflappable and cool headed, most all of Tony’s expressions come straight from his eyes and eyebrows. Once his mind is made up on something his eyes will show it, and if you can see it in his eyes then there is very little point in attempting to dissuade him.

He is also a man of great depth and emotion, however it is all greatly internalized. When learning about the crimes being committed by the 10 rings in Golmera, Tony is furious but very little of it comes to the surface, at most the only thing that truly shows this is the hard expression he wears and his repulsor assault on his windows. Because for Tony, a great deal of his life is based on what he can control of it. Which is shown time and again, when Tony has no control over what is happening around him he can become erratic in his movements has he fights to get back on top of the situation, or he will become self-destructive.

His erratic behavior is shown in the first movie when he is presented with the events of Golmera, where he take his frustration out on his shop then heads straight to the middle eastern town in his newly machined Mark III armour and takes out all of the insurgents, without telling anyone or any actual training in any way including basic self-defence, Just his relatively untested suit.

Self-destructive behaviour is shown in the second movie when the repeated use of his Iron man armour starts to cause accelerated palladium poisoning, and without a suitable element which at the time couldn’t be found, he would die. Which after a few failed attempts to let those close to him know due to how hard it is for him to express his feelings lead him to become more reckless with his life than usual causing him to become a bigger grandstander, wasting more money than needed and becoming dangerously drunk drastically pushing away Rhodie and Pepper from him.

Even though Tony has been born into money and can be over the top frivolous with it, he is also exceedingly generous with it, with his money going to his own charities like the (Maria*) Stark foundation, and the Boy Scouts of America. Even going so far as to run the Stark Expo for an entire year in order to give up and comers the chance to showcase their work in order to get additional funding from those attending the expo or just to show off what it on the horizon.

Tony’s genius is currently unparalleled; the only person who rivaled him was his father who died roughly 30 years ago, while Tony was 17. Which is shown in his history with robots, his creating of JARVIS, not to mention his adapting his father’s arc reactor and being able to design a personal full body prosthesis that can achieve flight, is completely self-pressurised and contains an internal waste filtration system, also known as the Iron Man armour.

Before his kidnapping, Tony was never concerned about accountability, but once seeing the effects that his weapons had on the innocent, he became very aware that everything you do has consequences and you should be held responsible for it. To that end when something happened Tony took it upon himself to correct what had happened, from Obadiah Stane becoming the Iron Monger, Ivan Vanko wanting revenge for his wronged father, Justin Hammer’s desperate need to show Tony up with inferior products, even so far as to take on some of the responsibility for Loki’s rampage. Each time he put his life on the line to correct these problems, believing that as long as the correct outcome was achieved his life was negligible. However he would always put his life on the line when he couldn’t formulate any other plan of action. Not one to lay down on the wire himself, but cut the wire, proving that Tony would rather lose no lives, than lose one heroic one.
Due to his father being almost cruelly distant, and his mother barely being mentioned, it is obvious as to why Tony has a hard time being a part of team situations, or even trusting others on a basic level. It is even shown that the only people he will be ‘real’ with are Pepper, Rhodie and to a certain extent Happy. But even then the moment things would get to a certain level of real he would immediately pull back or say something that he knew would cause distance. This is most obviously shown in the first half of Iron Man II. It was only when confronted with a challenge far too big for him to handle on his own that he was actually open to the idea of not only being part of a team, but being in a position that wasn’t the direct leader. However he does seem to stand somewhere between co-leader to Steve Rogers (Captain America) and second in command as the others are more likely to take orders from him than give order to him. For a man like Tony Stark this is probably one of his biggest steps in personal development.

This also points back to how in the past he's only ever been able to rely on himself, and living in the spotlight naturally means people are going to use you to get their own fame even if it's just to claim they touched his stardom. While he was younger he used those people to his advantage but never really trusted them to do anything more than be wham, bam, thank you Stark. As such the number of people who ever had his trust was relatively small, insanely small. For the most part he could only trust Obadiah Stane to run Stark Industries and give him some advice when he lost his parents, while in M.I.T he met James Rhodes and developed a friendship and trust there. After that Pepper also came into the fold after he selected her to be his personal assistant. Up until 2008 these were the only people he's ever trusted and relied on.

Obadiah who had most of Tony's trust and knew this used it to his obvious advantage to manipulate Tony into giving what he wanted. The older man soon grew tired of Tony's ways and tried to have him killed which only resulted in a ransom demand, upon Tony's return, Obadiah used Tony's then seemingly strange actions to lock him out of his own company to take control. Then he made another more personal attempt on Tony's life which lead to Obadiah's own death. This was a huge moment for Tony, to find out that the only person her truly ever saw as a father figure was doing nothing more than using him for his intelligence and creations, so for a man who only trusted three people he took it as a severe blow, it shook his trust in people so deep that when realising he was dying in the second movie he hid it from Pepper and Rhodes until it could no longer be hidden.

Because of his aversion to trust Tony was readily dismissed as someone who cannot and will not be a part of a team, a fact that as used against him at several points between Iron Man II and the Avengers, especially when it came to Steve Rogers who say this trait in him to be a weakness because he would end up endangering more lives than he could save. This however is a mixed blessing, he might not trust easy but when he has trust in you it's unwavering, this can be seen in Tony's interactions with Bruce Banner. He found something to trust in Bruce through his dedication to his scientific fields and that like Tony his ways led him to become 'cursed' with something that was both terrible and beautiful, which Tony saw in himself and wanted Bruce to see too, it was an easily formed trust as Tony had little fear of Bruce's other side which made Bruce feel not only accepted but comfortable, finding Tony's curiosity and boundary testing more endearing than annoying.
With the release of the Winter Soldier Tony's distrust has proved somewhat fruitful in that while he worked with S.H.I.E.L.D as both an Avenger and as a consultant as they have turned out to have had Hydra burrow into their ranks and not only murdered his parents and countless others, subverting politics and situations of conflict to their own ends, but there was a momentary attempt on his life as well as at least 200,000 + others due to a 'security' system being manipulated by Hydra in order to take out any and all lives that could now or in the future be a threat to their rule.
This has only served to reinforce his natural distrust of others, especially those who naturally tend to be secretive or appear to have hidden agendas.

Gem: Rubellite (Red Tourmaline)
For a start, Rubellite doesn’t change its colour when exposed to natural or artificial light and while some aspects of Tony do change compared to public or private life his on the whole Tony is still general a self-confident man with his own shine/style that will never be impressed upon.

“Rubellite is said to deter people from disputing your expertise, picking fights, pulling rank or otherwise being unreasonable.” To a certain degree this is quite a match for Tony, as he is well known for his genius and confidence which probably causes few people to actively challenge him on an average day. (Not that it always happens this way, but not gem is truly flawless, right?) It’s also said that it helps neutralize the harmful flow that electronics like computers tend to cause, as Tony’s an engineer and inventor one could easily say that electronics would affect him differently.

More importantly, Rubellite has a lot of properties dealing with the heart, it harmonizes, causes balance, encourages the creative spirit, and also makes one the life of the party. The social butterfly part aside, this is a part of Tony that the gem can help improve as the man is quite capable of and longs for love from others his past has made it both hard and awkward for him to express.

Power Considerations: (When at full control of course)
Technomancy – Tony is able to perceive, intercept, understand, control and generate electronic, digital, and radio transmissions without accessing any standard source of communication, being in essence a living wireless hub/computer.

Sleep Manipulation – Tony can induce, manipulate, and enhance all aspects of sleep in themselves or in others, including dreams, daydreams and nightmares. They can manipulate sleep patterns and induce instantaneous sleep on biological subjects, or to induce perpetual insomnia, remove the need to sleep or make them dreadfully tired all the time. (This is used more on himself than anything else)

Energy Manipulation – Tony can create, shape and manipulate the energy that is created/generated by the emotions of every all living things in existence by capable of feeling them. They are able to increase, decrease or change it.

Extra: Is there anything else we need to know, that we didn't mention above? Note it here!

Writing Sample: Link: For a man who's brain never stops, Tony Stark doesn't really think


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