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Character Name: Anthony "Tony" Edward Stark
Series: Marvel Cinematic Universe
Timeline: From the end of The Avengers Movie.
Canon Resource Link:
Tony's Resource Link

Character Background:

The start of the Iron Man movies portrays Tony as impulsive and he has little respect for anything or anyone around him. This is due in part to his parents' deaths when he was 17, his genius-level intellect and the massive fortune he grew up with. 
Tony soon realises that all this counts for nothing when after a weapons demonstration in the middle east ends in a fire fight that was caused to facilitate his capture. He saw good people dying to protecting him and fear lead him to try and run. In a twist of irony he got caught after suffering wounds from one of his own weapons, leaving pieces of irretrievable shrapnel in his system that would have killed him if not for the electromagnet placed into his body by a fellow captive, Dr Yinsen. 
During his imprisonment, he was forced to agree to build his latest missile system using parts from his own technology that his captors had procured. His refusal resulted in torture, but Tony knew that even if he completed the weapons there was no way they would let him live. He needed to design an escape plan, or he was as good as dead. He built a power reactor connected to his chest that would “give him enough power to do something big for 15 minutes”, and with this and the aid of Yinsen Tony built the prototype for the future Iron Man suits.
While he had managed to destroy all the weapons his kidnappers had obtained and free himself from captivity, there was still a price to be paid: Dr. Yinsen’s life.
Tony realised that he was accountable for the lives lost; it was his weapons, that he was once so proud to sell in the strong belief that he was protecting America and her interests, that was responsible for this damage. When he returned to America Tony shut down the weapons development program within his company, determined to work more on his arc reactor technology to create things that would only benefit the world.
Tony also began to develop his Iron Man suit in secret, wanting to improve on his original design.
After finding out that Dr. Yinsen’s home town was being terrorized by the very people who had captured him, and that they were using newly obtained Stark Industries weaponry, Tony realised that with his suit there was something he could actually do to help this  village. 
Tony was finally taking what he saw as proper responsibility and accountability for what his weapons had done. 
In the second movie, we see Tony is starting to fall into a downward spiral. The Palladium core in the arc reactor is very quickly poisoning him due to the long term use of the Iron Man suit. As he grows closer and closer to death, he becomes horribly irresponsible with himself, drinking to excess and over indulging in women and parties. The situation is exacerbated by the government who are demanding that he hand over the suit, as they have deemed it too dangerous a weapon to be held by one man. Tony refused under the reasoning that the suit is merely an advanced prosthesis and that he can’t give up the suit without giving up himself. As he says in the movie, "I am the Ironman".
The movies also show that in the six months between the movies, Tony has been taught how to fight from Happy and possibly other sources.
Tony finally hit an all time low; acting irrationally and alienating everyone. He angered Pepper to the point where she no longer wanted to deal with him anymore. Considering how much he has put her through in the past, this just showed how bad he had let himself go. Not only that, but the man he considered to be his best friend got into a fight with him, destroying half his house and then flying off in the Mark II suit he managed to obtain from Tony.
Just as things looked the bleakest, Tony was once again contacted by the director of S.H.E.I.L.D, Nick Fury, whom he had met before at the end of the first movie to talk to him about the Avenger Initiative. This time however he had arrived to bring Tony the help he needs. Help that, to Tony's surprise, comes from his late father, Howard Stark, in the form of scientific notes and observations.
The fact that his father had left him his life's work, knowing that in the future Tony would have not only the technology to finish it, but the brains as well, stunned Tony, who had spent his life believing that his father had found him little more than a genetically similar annoyance, especially when his father admits that the greatest thing he created was in fact Tony, and not the company or the machines he had created. 
Tony quickly went to work on what his father had left him. A hidden message revealed that his father had discovered a new element which that Tony quickly synthesized. Not only did he manage to create a stable version of the element, but it was also more than capable of being a suitable and non-lethal alternative to the palladium core.
Tony developed even greater respect for his father’s genius, and realised that his father had gone to a great deal of trouble to leave him something amazing, in more ways than one.
By the end of the Avengers, Tony seems to have taken on (or given himself) the role of second in command. This is shown with him issuing orders and relaying information to the other Avengers during the final battle, while still ultimately giving complete authority to Captain America/Steve Rogers. However while Tony is used to being the one calling the shots, ultimately he never actually tried to fight for the position of the leader. This could be because his father had told him stories about Captain America when Tony was a child; Tony knew that as much of a boy scout Steve was, he was more than capable of being an effective and strong leader.

Tony’s volatility comes from not only his rich background, but also his genius intellect. It allows him to not only think outside the box but to go one step further and completely re-engineer the box into something more.
However, as the Avengers movie progressed his attitude began to change. The major turning point is the death of Agent Coulson. While Tony has never really shown any actual attachment to Coulson, he did give a rather emotional response to his death as it made him realise that even though they had their differences, Coulson had believed in him and the entire avengers team so much till he paid the ultimate price trying to help them.
Through Coulson we actually see a few moments of Tony actually proving he has a heart, and that he believes others should be happy. He offered to fly Agent Coulson to Portland to see his girlfriend at one point before his death. In a conversation with Steve, in the very room Coulson had died, when Steve had asked if Coulson was married Tony replied, “There was a cellist... I think.” His face however, betrayed the fact that he knew very well there was a cellist. 
Tony also became very agitated when Steve suggested that Coulson was prepared for death because they were soldiers. Tony turned to glare at him and declares that, no, that's not what they were. He was also shown looking at the blood stain left on the wall and not at all comfortable with it being there.
This all shows that he is capable of having powerful emotions. However, due to his past he has a lot of trouble properly expressing them. Deep down Tony is a caring man, who tends to let himself get distracted way too easily while indulging his hobbies.
Relationship with others (Just a few) :
Pepper Potts: To Tony, Pepper is not just his right hand woman. Tony relies on her to handle his entire life, from the day to day trivialities, to business transactions. Pepper is one of the few people who could ever get Tony to do as he’s told, even if it takes him awhile to obey.
Within the movie canon they become romantically involved at the end of Iron Man II.
Bruce Banner: Tony is shown to get along really well with Bruce, due to their shared interest and love in science and discovery. Tony is also the only one in the Avengers team who tries to open Bruce to the possibility that ‘the big guy’ is looking out for Bruce and can actually be controlled. Bruce is probably the only person who doesn't need to argue with Tony.
Thor: Right off the bat, Tony and Thor do not see eye to eye and it’s not just because Thor is taller. While the main point of their meeting and subsequent fight was over who had ‘possession’ of Loki, it quickly became a something of a battle of ego, with both refusing to back down to the other. By the end of the movie they share mutual respect, both parties having proven their capabilities during battle.
Captain America/Steve Rogers: As Tony has general problems with authority it comes as no surprise that after their initial meeting Steve and Tony don’t get along at all. This is only made worse by Tony’s need to point out how out of place Steve and his ideals are. However like with Thor, after having to work through a crisis together Tony soon realised how good Steve was at taking the lead, and even lets himself defer to his command. Tony does not relinquish the top position easily, and only does so with good reason or if forced.

Abilities/Special Powers:

As stated above, Tony has a Genius level IQ., he always is able to retain a high level of information, as well absorb information that he has an interest in within hours of taking an interesting in it and finding somewhere to obtain that information.

He's a very practised hand at working/building electronics, as well as being able to understand and manipulate most software by hacking into it with his own self developed software.

Tony's greatest power comes from his Ironman suit (Mark I - VII) and J.A.R.V.I.S which he built and has uploaded in his suit, on his phone (Which comes from Stark Industries, it seems) as well as in his home. Both were designed, built and adapted by him constantly and he is rarely far from either.

Tony is also shown to have an incredibly high alcohol tolerance.

Third-Person Sample:

Tony sat on the end of the bed, his elbows resting on his knees as his head was cradled in his hands. He watches himself in the mirror.

All this talk of Queens and people living on the other side of the mirror. Seemed strange, not impossible or unlikely. After all. Tony had seen a great many things that were a lot less believable than where ever he was now. However it didn’t make it any less strange. So here Tony sat. Staring at his apparent reflection, wondering how he could figure out the world on the other side.

Standing, Tony crossed the palatial room that he had chosen, to stand in front of the mirror. He held his chin between his thumb and forefinger thoughtfully, his eyes searching his own for a hit of being more than it appeared. He tapped the glass, watching as his reflection mimicked him.

“JARVIS, can you run me a diag-...”

Tony turned to look at his suit, that stood in the corner quietly. Right now, the suit was the only place that JARVIS could live. So really. This whole different world in the mirrors could wait.
He needed to get JARVIS a proper computer to upload to, he was is right hand program after all. And really, with the characters he found here, including those from the Avengers who were also here. He was going to need JARVIS to keep him from doing something stupider than normal, besides Tony was at his happiest when he was completely lost in building something.

First-Person Sample:
[Tony rolls the communication device in his hands for a second before switching it on and looking at it]

Hmm, a little outdated, but nothing I can’t upgrade. Maybe just redesign completely.

[He flicks through the applications then opens up a message board]

Okay, so. I have a serious need for donuts, jelly donuts specifically. Who knows where I can get something like that here? Hey Clint of Locksley, you’ve got to be able to hook me up here. There’s got to be one donut place you can see from one of the many high places you perch all day. Or a falafel hut, any of those?
-Tony Stark.


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