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Once Tony and a character have made it to:

5 threads together, they make it to the chart.
10 Threads together,
15 Threads together,
In a relationship,

No longer in a relationship,


Bruce Banner

Status: Important Friend


Out of all of the Avengers, Bruce would be who Tony considers his best friend of the group. And as such Tony's usually the one to talk him into things he really shouldn't be talked into.
He's also the one most likely to get Tony to open up without much of a thought.
Steve Rogers

Status: Fake Boyfriend


Tony has a lot of history with Captain America that no one really knows about. Steve however is different, they're getting to better terms with each other. Their current relationship status is due to Tony kissing him out of great excitement for a surprise gift given to him.

Thor Odinson

Status: Friend


Tony feels like Thor is one of a kind. They have had a very special love/hate relationship which is slowly melting into an easy comradely. No doubt they will still argue and fight, but there will be a lot less actual aggression behind it.

Bucky Barnes

Status: Friend


Bucky is someone that Tony knows a lot about. After all you can't have your father connected to Captain America and the commandos without having to learn about them. The New Bucky however is someone Tony's still coming to know. Knowing he has amnesia however hasn't caused him to act any differently towards him.

Dave Strider
Status: Good Kid


Tony sees a lot of himself in Dave. Mostly the sarcastic kid with family issues and the need to prove. But he likes the kid and never has a problem letting him hang around even looking for him after arenas to make sure he's okay. He likes to claim that he and Steve have adopted Dave.














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Tony Stark




Castmates/Marvel Cinematic Universe

Bruce Banner

"The one person who keeps me in check"

Two years older and Tony's roommate in 6th year Ravenclaw Tower.
Tony considers Bruce to be one of his closest friend and one of the few who actually understand him.
Tony has always been jealous of anyone who get too close to Bruce, and only now that he's dating him understands why he thought that way.

Thor Odinson

"Might not be a god, but save time and call his fist Mjölnir"

It's taken about 4 years for Tony and Thor to see eye to eye with each other. They're both very prideful boys which has lead them to having quite a few fights. 
Recently Tony has stoped refering to Thor as a friend in a sarcastic way. Thanks to Thor giving Tony an acorn necklace as an amulet, something which Tony hasn't taken off since it was given to him.

Steve Rogers

"The biggest boy scout I have ever met, and the one you want to rely on"

Steve is one of Tony's good friends, bordering on best. That being said they do have a bad habit of arguing with each other sounding more like brothers or an older married couple than friends. But when it counts Tony will always be there for Steve, whether he wants it or not.

Natasha Romanoff

"Don't let her near the hair gel and everything will go fine"

Natasha will always be Tony's girl. When ever he isn't sure about something he goes to her. Partialy because she seems so level-headed for someone so young, but even though he tried to date her and failed. They have a very brother/sister relationship, and Tony wouldn't change that for the world.

Outside of Cast
Sherlock Holmes

"Don't leave him alone with anything that's small defensless and furry"

Tony's roommate. He finds him both uniquely annoying and unieqly interesting. Most of the trouble he comes across is generally due to Sherlock. Half of the reason they get along is because they are both bored rich kids without adults who care enough to supervise them. And they like it that way.

Herbert West

"I'm pretty sure the only people who din't find him annoying at Bruce and himself"

He is the only roommate that Tony never actively tries to get along with. He is aware that he has feelings for Bruce which doesn't help the situation. But for the most part Tony thinks Herbert is too quick to sulk about things than take action over them.

Arthur Kirkland

"The biggest boy scout I have ever met, and the one you want to rely on"

The first thing Tony will ever think of when thinking of Arthur was him elbowing him hard in the stomach.
He thinks Arthur needs to lighten up a little more, otherwise he has nothing against him, he even finds him weirdly amusing.

John Watson

"One of the few people I could take home and go 'look, a Brittish person' and everyone would get it."

The only real reason Tony knows John as much as he does, is because he is Sherlock's only friend outside Ravenclaw Dorms. He finds John sassy and sometimes deliberately sets him off just for amusement.

More CR Wanted

Mituna Captor

Tony knew Mituna before his accident, and doesn't hold any of it against him.


Really feels like this kid needs to be on ADHD medication, he is kind of funny though.

Rose Lalonde

Rose is a source of amusement to Tony, and he enjoys the odd cup of tea with her.

Jane Crocker

Tony thinks she's cute but really lacks the self confidence to work it. Also thinks she's an adorable drunk

Kurloz Makara

A little freaky, but Tony doesn't mind chatting to him now and then, even if he is vaguely creepy.

Cronus Ampora

Tony considers him sort of a less intelligent spirit animal from when he wasn't dating Bruce.

Katniss Everdeen

He enjoys her spirit, and her dry jokes. Was out to date her at one point.

Coraline Jones

The seeker on his quidditch team. He finds her quite spunky on the field.


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