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name | Otter Riverside
age | 30
new or returning player? | New
preferred contact method | [ profile] RiversideOtter


character name | Anthony Edward Stark
age | 16
year | Second
gender | Male
appearance | He has the healthy look of a young man who spent equal parts inside and outside the house. Pretty much born with a cocky expression, he has dark brown hair and eyes and is an average height for his age, though looks younger than he is. Which is due to him spending a lot of his free time in garages working on various engineering or mechanical projects.

history | MCU Tony Stark's History. Which pretty much glosses over his teenage years.

AU history | At 16 Tony hasn't had too much in the way of a history. But he is the first son of Howard Stark, who is both an engineering genius and making the most of his family's fortune to develop new technology and improve everyday life as well as aiding in technologies to help the America aid the allies in winning the Great War.

Because of this, Howard is seen as a celebrity and something of an American hero. It has also caused Tony to have a taste for the spotlight himself. He finds this is easy for him to come by due to his inherited engineering genius, which he has been able to show off by building a miniature steam engine when he was just 6 years old, a project he took a great delight in. This accomplishment that earned him extensive media coverage, particularly through articles in newspapers. Sadly for Tony, Howard paid precious little attention to him, treating him more like a burden and a bother than an actual son. Maria, Tony's mother, would try to reassure Tony, telling him that his father wasn't mean to him on purpose and that he only comes off as cold to Tony because he's so busy all the time.

Tony's preteen days involved his dad often away on business, and his mother had a lot of social functions and clubs to attend. Because of this Tony see's his butler Edwin Jarvis as an actual parent as he is the only person who interacts with regularly, this has lead to a lot of Tony's aloof behavior because simply put the only person he can trust to be there for him is paid by his father to look after the house. His days were lonely, but at least they aren't unproductive which is in part how it lead to his time good and free to build his steam engine, along with smaller little things he would make out with erector sets. As lonely as Tony was he worked hard to not show it, while still fairly aloof he still would talk to people easily enough, laugh and make jokes. In the end he would always find away to isolate himself from the others just so he can go back to his projects, or reading about anything that caught his interest from mechanical engineering to some of the latest scientific developments.

At first while in School Tony would follow along with the teachers and learn in the moment. However he quickly discovered that he was a lot smarter than those around him and soon took to reading at first months ahead, then soon he was well a head of even the years above him, spending his time in class to learn about other subjects that interest him, as well as correcting teachers when they were so obviously wrong. Something that would get him regularly scolded, but he was both smart enough and rich enough to not at all be concerned by their words. By the end of his Elementary days he was actively ignoring class in favor of amusing himself.

Once Tony was sent to Boarding School, Tony wasn't sure he could believe his Mom's words anymore. After all, it felt like to Tony that he was being hurried away to the school before his Dad could even finish reading the acceptance letter.

personality | Tony Stark, of the New York Starks is used to people talking about him. After all he's the son of the brilliant inventor, Howard Stark who prides himself on his own accomplishments and family standing (He works hard at being a functioning alcoholic only showing his temper behind closed doors). Tony himself is also known for his brilliance as well as having a similar charm to his father, something that shows when he's at parties where the teen is paraded about between school semesters to help the image of Starks being great party planners, creators and all around dazzling people.

His out of the spotlight charm and dazzle is more muted behind school walls, mostly due to the fact that he feels like he has nothing to prove to the students and teachers. He knows how intelligent he is and has little interest in class participation, instead opting to not pay attention or write in his books about other things, usually about mechanics and ways to make his school life easier. His school work surprisingly doesn't suffer under his disinterest, as his ability to retain information is usually put to good use through late night study sessions the night before exams and due dates. He's also not immune to causing mischief and with the inadvertent training in sarcasm from his Butler Jarvis back in New York, he's good at talking people in circles or talking them into going along with one of his potential dangerous but inventive ideas

When approached by anyone he considers 'new' (Or someone he doesn’t consider a friend) Tony will generally act aloof and dismissive of them unless they have something about them that causes him to be curious, as a curious Stark is a Stark you can't get rid of until they have learnt what they can. However those that are friends with Tony will have a weirdly loyal friend despite the fact he will tend to keep most of his own problems to himself, as he knows that when the elite have a weakness it can be talked about or exploited which has been drilled into him via his father. Being his friend also means that he will offer up specific ways to annoy just you. That being said he'll still be aloof and dismissive towards his friends as well, but he will also make time for them and do things for them dismissing any praise for what he does.

His need to keep people at a distance with his aloofness stems from Howard, who Tony really wants to have a better relationship but any chance he's taken has been met with disinterest, dismissal, or berating. The few times his father has ever shown interest has been when he has invented something, but only so much as to scrutinize the work and offer an assessment on how it could be improved. Tony deeply respects Howard as a man of science and progress but really wishes the man knew how to be a parent too.


sample 1 | While fast cars are certainly a thing Tony enjoys, it's more fair to say he enjoys fast things in general. Which is why he's presently in the stables brushing down his Black Arabian mare after a morning of hard riding. This is one of the few times when Tony isn't being an ass and actually looks like he's taking something seriously. Well, serious about something that isn't mechanics.

"Friday, who gave you these shoes? I know I didn't." He taps his chin with the curry comb still in his hands, he shrugs at the thought because it was probably one of the in school attendants. Friday's last shoes were looking a little on the worn side when she was delivered here. "I wonder how long it would take our farrier to get here from Long Island? Or maybe I should give it a try myself, I've taken a first run model T engine apart and put it back together by myself. How hard can it be?"

He ponders aloud, not expecting anyone to answer. Which is how he always talks, mostly owning to the fact that short of his dismissive father, most people couldn't keep up with a lot of his mutterings. The Arab however at least understands the inflection in her master's voice if nothing else and turns to look at him trepidatiously giving him an anxious knicker.
"You. Take the fun out of everything." He sighs at the horse as he goes back to grooming her.

sample 2 | Tony's first day in Panem's Capitol.
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