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you're with this person, as in with-with, or you're harboring a serious crush. very few would blame you, then, if you wanted them to be more "yours" than anyone else's, and, again, few would blame you for getting a bit miffed if somebody else was trying to win them over or steal their attention and affection. a little annoyance at all that is normal, right? In fact, you may get jealous...or territorial.

how to play.
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typical | you're the jealous type, so you this isn't new for you.
instinct | creatures that aren't human can often feel natural drives to be protective of their territory.
unusual | this is against your character, but you can't help feeling threatened.
sexual | bite marks and blowing minds is the best way to remind somebody that you're theirs and they're yours.
unawares | they don't know somebody's flirting with them. how can that make you feel threatened?
unexplainable | why are you jealous? why do you care somebody's making goo goo eyes towards them? you don't like them or anything...geez.
purposeful | oh, they realize how they're bringing wandering eyes towards them, and despite your chagrin, they encourage it.
feeling like a fool | you feel guilty as hell for being jealous. that doesn't stop it, though.
innocent | your desire to hoard all of their attention is sweet and innocent - or completely childlike.
angsty | why wouldn't they be interested in someone else? it's a fluke they agreed to go out with you, anyway.
hopeful | okay, so, you're not really together with them, but you want to be, so you've got to stake your claim!
cute | they find your dedication and effort endearing.
alluring | a decent amount of possessiveness can be dangerously attractive or sexy to some.
malicious | your attitude goes beyond normal, acceptable jealousy. you're out of line.


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