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 Tony lived on a dorm on campus. He didn't need to, he was rich. But the papers had implied he wouldn't  ever think of dorm living, so to prove them wrong he had done just that. He had seen enough movies to know that the person you roomed with was usually always some kind of weirdo. Which for the most part Tony would agree that Steve was weird, but not in a wall of Justin Beiber's sweat shirts or an obsessive amount of porn. 

Steve just just weird in a wholesome way. So Tony just took it in his stride and antagonized the guy when it'd be funny. They had an easy enough friendship when they weren't arguing over something kind of stupid. And Tony would always deny the fact that he had some pretty un-G rated thoughts about him from time to time, but really, Tony's only human and Steve. Well Steve didn't exactly look or act like someone who would sour Tony's thoughts on that subject. That being said, Tony knew better than to do or say anything past cheeky comments to cause any kind of reaction.

But right now. Tony had spent over 24 hours in the robotics lab on his DUM-E project and was only now just coming through the door at 7pm hungry, sore and more importantly tired, not even remotely thinking about Steve and where he would be right now.
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