Apr. 26th, 2016

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 Tony had woken with a start, in fact he had been so expressive in his waking up he ended up rolling off the couch he was apparently on. He had gotten up onto his knees and looked around, expecting to see familiar Capitol fashion trademarks. There were none, they were his - Well, Pepper's- trademarks. He was back in the tower, J.A.R.V.I.S was even able to confirm that it had barely been more than a few hours since he had even taken well over two years ago.

The god damn machine worked. After letting out a yippie and having an unnecessarily long shower, Tony confirmed that all the Avengers were where he had left them all relatively safe and sound in this world, then ordered a pizza to be delivered while he set to work giving Dum-E a service ignoring the fact the robot didn't need one, Tony just really needed to be finger deep in something familiar and Pepper wasn't in New York right now.

It naturally didn't occur to him he would be the only one returned to this world, especially not someone who had never originally from this world.


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